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We often receive questions about our natural stone pavers. Compared to the coasts, travertine and marble patios are extremely rare in the mid-west. Our goal is to answer questions and relieve any concerns about using it outdoors in our climate.

We have used travertine on patios for over a decade. Natural stone elevates the look of any landscape and provides unparalleled benefits over other material. Continue reading to find out why our preferred patio material is natural stone.

High Strength

The PSI strength of our marble and travertine is significantly higher than concrete pavers. This allows the stone to be thinner, making it especially suitable for overlays. Being a segmented paver, you do not have to worry about cracking like stamped concrete.

Cool Temperature

Travertine has the excellent quality of staying cool even in direct sunlight. This makes travertine perfect around pools and other areas in full sun.

No Fade

As a natural stone, travertine and marble will continue to look great for decades. The sun will not fade stone like it does concrete products.

Low Maintenance

Our natural stone does not require sanded joints or mortar. This means fewer weeds and less maintenance. Power wash the patio after several years and it will look like new! Sealing natural stone patios is recommended but not required. The sealant lasts for 7-10 years.

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